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How To Choose A Rottweiler Puppy

How To Choose A Rottweiler Puppy

So, you finally decided to buy a Rottweiler puppy.

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You have left all the doubts concerning the breed of your dog behind and you are sure, that you have enough time, patience and energy to bring up a real Rottweiler.


First of all you should have a look at the puppy’s parents or at least at one of them and estimate their behavior. A good-tempered Rottweiler is always rather friendly and sociable. Take notice of how a puppy behaves. It shouldn’t hide or tremble with fear. A healthy little one will try to play with you by all means. Usually among several puppies of one litter you can easily find a leader.


The best age to take a puppy is not younger than three months. By this age the necessary vaccinations will be already done, you can check the bite and see the condition of the dog. Though a puppy grows till 8-10 months, the major defects can be observed already by that age. It’s better to buy a puppy when you are not busy. You will be able to help it to adapt to the new situation, to spend a lot of time together and not to leave it alone for a long time.


You should pay attention to:

- lack of umbilical hernia 

- dewclaws should be docked

-eyes and ears must be clean

-there should be no secretions or odours

-males must have two testicles

-the skin should be clean, there should be no redness, peeling or dandruff. The skin should be rather elastic. The colour of the skin must be blue grey on the back and pink on the belly.


If you want to take part in dog-shows, you should choose a puppy very carefully.


Pay attention to the external features:

-Puppy should have scissor bite, which means that the upper jaw should tightly cover the lower jaw. Between the canine teeth there must be six incisors on an upper jaw and six incisors on a lower one.

-Nose should be black, wet, cool (after sleep can be warm).

-Eyes should be dark brown and bright, the glance should be directed forward.

-The backline must be absolutely straight.

-The legs should be straight, parallel, heavy-boned and strong.

- The claws must be black, toes gathered tightly in a compact paw.

-Coat and undercoat are black.

-The tail is straight, not crooked.



When you choose a puppy of 1-3 months, you should imagine the grown-up dog. Especially in this period the head of the puppy Rottweiler looks like the head of the grown-up Rottweiler. And in 4-7 months the proportions of the head change.


The most important thing in the exterior of a Rottweiler is its head. That’s why you should pay much attention to the head of the puppy.


1. Make a rectangle in your mind's eye, the lower line of which goes through the nose, and the upper – through the line of the stop.  The muzzle must be short and wide. Then make another rectangle from the line of the stop to the line of the back of the head.  The skull must be square from above.

2. In your mind's eye make two rectangles. The lower line of the first rectangle should go through the base of the lower jaw, and the upper line – through the line of the stop. The lower line of the second rectangle – from the line of the stop till the bulge of the skull. The first rectangle should be a little higher and deeper than the second one.


3. Look at the head in profile. In your mind's eye make a line along the skull and a line along the upper part of the muzzle. These lines must be parallel.

4. Pay attention to the chin. It should be well-defined.


5. Pay attention to the ears. They should reach approximately the half of the cheek and tightly adjoin the head by their inner edges. They must be in a form of triangle, should be high and widely set, which makes the head look wider.


6. Eyes should be clean, without running tears, with tight eyelids.


The information is taken from the open sources.



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